Meet the Team!

meet-the-animals of animal workshops Essex

Here at Animal Workshops Mobile Zoo we are lucky to have a huge range of very friendly animals who all love to come out and meet people. During our visit you will get the chance to meet everything from our Bull Frog Fifi, to our exotic furries like Roo and her family of Meerkats or even Petal our beautiful Skunk! We have everything from spikey Hedgehogs to cute little Mice. Maybe you prefer reptiles and would like to meet Simon the Blue Tongued Skink or Bruno our Python? Or are Mini beasts more your thing? Well, meet Matilda our Tarantula or Speedy and Turbo our Giant Snails! We have a range of animals to suit everyone!

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee which animals will be available on the day of your booking due to their health and welfare.

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meet-the-animals of animal workshops Essex

Our animals include: Meerkats, Hedgehogs, Tarantulas, Skunks, Guinea Pigs, Tortoises, Scorpions, Polecats & Ferrets, Mice, Lizards, Skinny Pigs, Giant Stick Insects, Rats, Snakes, Giant Snails, Rabbits, Frogs and Giant Millipedes… and more…..